Enterprise Convention: Research is Key

Chances are that you are an individual who has enrolled for an Enterprise Conference, and aspires to do quite well at the conference. I do not blame you, I would have done quite the same.

Regardless, it is now up to you, as an executive of a company, to forward your corporation, and propel it to unprecedented heights. However, securing this success is quite challenging and will only be attained through unconventional means. You will receive guidelines pertaining to this notion quite soon in the future, however, until then it is still a far-fetched idea.

Primarily, as a participant, you have to possess knowledge about your company, yourself as an executive, your competitors and virtually anything that is pertinent.  In order to aid you in your preparation, I will outline a few factors to research, and be sure to adhere to them.

1. Who and What is your company?
The primary information you should ascertain, is that pertaining to your company. To be precise, you should be aware of the different product lines it currently produces, revenue streams, sentiments associated with the company’s stock, and essentially anything and everything a CEO, CIO, VP, etc. should know about. For instance, consider Apple, Inc. Apple is regarded as the leader in the technology arena, and has an extremely prominent presence in the Portable Electronics Industry. This is standard information anyone enjoying “The Closing Bell” on CNBC, would know. However, as the company’s CEO, I would posses knowledge regarding the future timeline for the company, how the company’s products are performing in their respective markets, and, in essence, every insider detail that the general populace would not be aware of. Therefore, in simple terms, know everything about your company from its history, its leaks, analyst reactions, to possible future markets (new product categories, namely). While it is unfortunate that we do have access to such information, the Internet tends to provide quite a limpid picture. The rumor mill, the leaks, the news articles, analyst calculations, all supply a great extent of covert information. One effective way of ascertain such information is to simply log on to news.google.com, and type in AAPL, Apple, iPhone, iPad, or any other keyword relevant to your company.

2. So you’re an executive now?
Congratulation on the promotion!
Regardless, as a participant, you should be extremely familiar with your real-life counterpart. For example, if your are assigned the role of Jony Ive , Apple’s Industrialist designer, I would simply execute a Google search of all of his past interviews, public statements, statements during quarterly earnings releases, etc. This will provide you with a sense of the individual’s personality and essential insider information in some instances. More importantly, however, it will instill in you a general sense of your executive’s demeanor.

3. Be aware of as to how your company conducts business.
Each company sports its own method of handling business, degree of secrecy, ideology pertaining to acquisitions, etc. You as an executive should know all of this information. For example say if you are Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Google, as a participant you should understand that Page is not necessarily an individual who focuses on doing a certain amount of things very well. In fact, Steve Jobs had advised him to narrow Google’s scope of products and services, however, clearly Page did not heed to that advice. In fact, Google, instead, espouses the ideal of innovating new technologies and furthering advances in various sectors. This explains, Google’s projects to create self-driving cars, etc.

You should also be aware of how and why your company purchases other companies. In numerous instances, corporations purchase other private businesses to further their own offerings. For example, Apple purchased AuthenTec, a “fingerprint-security developer company”, in 2012. A year later, that very technology was incorporated in the latest iPhone 5S, in its “Touch ID”. Hence, in a nutshell, be aware of why your company, simply put, does what it does.

Hopefully, you find this article indispensable to your research as that is what we truly aim to do. Keep checking the blog, as such articles will be uploaded on a frequent basis.


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