The Specifics Matter

In “Research is Key”, you learned to know everything about your company just as if you are really becoming the individual executives you were assigned. The next step, in addition to inhibiting the characteristics of your assigned executive, you must learn to be thorough and be detailed in your every action.

In the releases of technology that you see throughout the year, companies manage to pull in a significant number of consumers by educating the consumer. For example, if Samsung is releasing a new phone, they provide the press with pictures, features, prices, and all other data. We understand that not everyone participating in the Enterprise convention will have the time or the skill to generate pictures or images of your technology. That is fine, but you must show valid data.

For an example, if you are part of Samsung (not part of this conference) and your company plans to release a new phone, please do not simply state that the phone has a 5 inch screen and is fast. That is not how the company generates revenue, clientele, consumer loyalty, or interest. Denote that the new 5.4 inch display has a specific ppi, specific processor, battery time, price, upgrades, storage, etc. If you plan on releasing or patenting a new technology, specify what it s and verify that it does not already exist. The ideas can be creative of course, but you must make the legitimate.

E.G. Google is releasing a new Nexus 5.6 inch phablet manufactured by Samsung with a 550 ppi pixel density taking the crown for the best display available beating the pat HTC display by more than 100 ppi. The large phone will also sport a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and will have available 16, 32, or 64 GB internal memory. The 16 and 32 GB phones will have an optional external micro SD card slot as an add on. The 16 GB phone will cost approximately 150 dollars, 32 GB, 200, 64 B, 400. With the SD card add on, the price of the phone will jump 100 dollars due to slightly different frame construction. With such extensive model features, we believe google plans to make this their new Nexus flagship phone, and given the specifications above, it will be taking the crown as the best phone in the world-currently.

Now you see that some of these specs may not even be realistic because for a phone to be more than 100 ppi larger than its predecessor is a huge jump. But this is all valid in the conference given the right backing. Simply saying it is the largest phone with the best display is not enough. Thus, all the specs are given.

We recognize that some of this information is logical to the release of a new technology, but this is for the many people that have not gained experience from the many meetings held. We urge you to come to these meetings as proper preparation for the conference can be given in mock sessions as well as information critical to the success of your company.


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