Is Apple Taking a Step Toward Renewable Energy?


As you may or may not have noticed, Apple has been in the spotlight for some time. Is the next big thing for Apple renewable energy?

Reports say that Apple has taken over the efforts to complete a hydroelectric plant just outside of Prineville, Oregon. What is a hydroelectric plant, you ask? Remember those big wooden water wheels at a river side you see in movies and TV shows? Those are basic forms of hydroelectric plants. Water falls and rotate big turbines, which in turn generates electricity. Larger and more advanced forms of these wheels are used in places all over the world, like the Hoover Dam.

If you haven’t noticed already, the many industries of the world are overlapping, and more so as the world becomes more developed. Apple is primarily has niches in computers, cellular phones, and related technologies. The energy industry may seem an oddball for Apple but it really isn’t, and for one simple reason: data centers.

Data centers are used by Apple around the world to power the company’s many programs, such as iCloud. These data centers, like one nearby the hydroelectric plant in Oregon, use a lot of power, thus in turn produce a lot of heat. Cooling these plants are very, very costly.

100% of the energy that powers these data centers is claimed to be from renewable sources. However, currently Apple is still buying much of that energy from third-party plants. Apple seems to be making a move to fulfilling their own energy needs and reduce independence on other provides, a notion furthered by Apple’s recent efforts to build grand solar farms.

Now what does this mean to us consumers? Well, it’s too early to say what these projects will impact as far as Apple’s products and pricing goes. What we can be certain with is that it will have an impact on the company in the future as it steps toward a more eco-friendly system of business, something that fans and contemporary hipsters alike look forward to.




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