EU Faction?

European Union consists of 28 member states, formed in postwar Europe to ensure security and unity throughout Europe.

Recently, France’s National Front leader Le Pen has set out a campaign to organize Europe’s disparate nationalist movements in an attempt to disintegrate the European Union (EU). The European Union was formed after World War II based in Brussels to provide security and unity throughout Europe (EU member states no need to pass through custom posts between one another and have the Euro as its currency), to prevent any future WW2-esque atrocities from starting again. And it has worked for several decades, now consisting of 28 states. But now that European nationalist movements are rising, and with Le Pen’s aligning with other right-wing nationalist and even some neo-Nazi groups (Greece’s Golden Dawn, Britain’s right-wing groups…), could the EU be near its demise? Is an United States of Europe impossible in Europe? What would happen if EU disintegrates and Europe falls back into pre-WW2/WW1 conditions, with growing nationalist sentiments?


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