China vs Taiwan…what’s the big deal between these two?


Have you ever wondered, why there are 2 different names both with the word “China” in them?

“People’s Republic of CHINA” and “Republic of CHINA”

Have you ever wondered why there was a nation at certain international venues by the name of “Chinese Taipei”?

It all started after the fall of the last Chinese dynasty, Qing dynasty.

The Qing dynasty grew really weak and backwards towards the late 19th century with European imperialism at its hype. European nations along with Russia began carving out spheres of influence and created “unequal treaties” with the Qing dynasty. And then the Opium Wars. And then the looting of Qing and prior Chinese culture. Finally, a Western-educated diplomat Sun Yat Sen (孫中山), now the “Father of the Republic of China (Taiwan),” overthrew the dynasty and began the first republic–the “Republic of China~ROC”–as the Nationalist (Kuomintang~KMT) Party on October 10, 1911. But Republic of China was still racked with the Sino-Japanese war, ailing economy, and corruption by Sun and his predecessors, one of which, Yuan Shikai (袁世凱). Ailing with war with Japan, by the 1920s, Japan received what was so-considered as “BS-land” of Taiwan. However, things grew worse. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to rise against the KMT with uprisings by the peasants. (The KMT was largely centered and supported by elites, scholars, urban dwellers) By 1940s, China broke into Civil War, and by 1949, the KMT had lost and retreated to Taiwan, claiming themselves as the sole representation of the “Republic of China”–sole representation of the “CHINA” that had existed for over 5000 years in history. (Sun proclaims that the entire Mainland is also under ROC control.) Many nations, including the US, and UN, recognized the KMT government in Taiwan as “China” because of its democratic principles. Meanwhile, on the Mainland, Chairman Mao Zedong (毛澤東) proclaimed a the Communist “People’s Republic of China” on October 1, 1949. (Mao proclaims that PRC controls Taiwan and Mainland.) During that time, Taiwan (Republic of China) enjoyed international recognition, acclaim, and an economic boom throughout (mostly during the 1970-1980s). During that time, Mainland China (People’s Republic of China~PRC) suffered from the wrath of Communism. PRC launched Great Leap Forward, 5- and 7-year plans in attempts to collectivize and develop. PRC also launched Cultural Revolution in attempt to erase all evidence of what they considered to be “taboo”~ the history before PRC. They changed the way Chinese characters were written to Simplified Chinese rather than what the ROC used (Traditional Chinese) and also changed other cultural traditions. But by 1979, with President Nixon’s Ping-Pong diplomacy to take advantage of both Soviet Communist weakening, President Carter officially severed ties with the “Republic of China” on Taiwan to “People’s Republic of China” on Mainland to exploit further with market and economic interests. (The US and many nations, incl. UN, still maintain informal and friendly relations with Taiwan, such as certain “observer statuses” in WTO and competing in Olympics, etc…as “Chinese Taipei,” and also the more recent Visa-free opportunities for Taiwan to the US. The US also maintains strategic relation with Taiwan to buffer Mainland China…such as selling “arms and weapons,” BS-weapons, though, to Taiwan.) PRC proclaims Taiwan as its runaway 23rd province, while Taiwan (ROC) maintains its proclamation of control over Mainland and Taiwan….while a separate political party now vouches for independence.

The Map Today between Mainland China and Taiwan

What both sides claim:


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