Education of Tomorrow in India?

As your President, it is my duty to ensure that the constituents of our organization are thoroughly informed on the ordeals and happenings of our establishment. I, dearly, hope that I have lived up to this commitment, however, there is one project that I have kept in the dark until now.

A few months ago, I initiated work on establishing relationships with various non-profit entities based in India; my goal was to expand Education of Tomorrow’s program over there. After all, I did reside there for a good seven years of my life, and I was well aware of the startling economic disparity between the affluent and the abject. Therefore, I believed Education of Tomorrow’s free tutoring program would allow us as an organization to foster change on this rather personal topic.

Unfortunately, my efforts were quite futile as numerous organizations and non-profits disregarded Education of Tomorrow and its program. However, as with any great tale, there was a happy ending.

A few days ago, I received an email message from Aditya Shastri, the President of Narsee Monjee’s Rotract Club, and communications ensued. After a few exchanges via e-mail, we solidified ties, and announced a bilateral partnership.

Just as a side note, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics is one of the highest ranked business schools in India, and is #2 on India Today’s list “India’s Best BBA Colleges in 2012”.


Therefore, I am extremely pleased to announce that Rotract Club of Narsee Monjee is Education of Tomorrow’s newest partner, and we look forward to a great partnership going forward. In addition, their club will be partaking in a 26 week program which will educate impoverished children in India, and Education of Tomorrow’s program will be integrated into that event.

With these positive sentiments, I would like to conclude this message, and announce that our constituents should expect many more milestones ahead, as we have a great deal of projects in the pipeline.

Thank you for believing in me, and allowing me to successfully lead Education of Tomorrow.

Best Regards,
Viren Rupani


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