Google Glass? How About Google Contact Lenses

You all heard of Google Glass, right? Well recent  news tell us that Google has taken steps to go even further. In early April 2014, filed two patents for smart contacts. Rumors of these contacts emerged before, but these patents assure us that Google is taking this idea seriously. These contacts, in overview, will be made with embedded cameras (a concept modeled after Google Glass) and will blood sugar monitors for diabetics.

Wait what? Blood sugar monitors? Yup, that’s right. Google is planning to embed ophthalmic electrochemcial sensors that will test the consumer’s tear fluid and alert him/her if there is any fluctuations or abnormalities in blood sugar levels. In essence, the contact will function with electrodes monitoring the consumer’s tear ducts and eyes. If you know a little about ophthalmology or even watch House M.D., you probably know that our eyes tell a lot about our body’s condition.

The camera aspect of these contacts work similar to that of Google glass, but raises questions. Is such a thing possible? If so, would it be safe? This is a legitimate concern because these camera are literally sitting on top of glass. Electrically dangers as well as increased eye pressure are making many uneasy.


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