Wimbledon Wraps Up On Centre Court

Novak Djokovic kisses the Gentlemen's Singles Trophy while the crowd below watch

Novak Djokovic deservingly won the sport’s most precious trophy today in a 5-set thriller against the Swiss maestro, Roger Federer. Before arriving for the Championships, he had lost 3 grand slam finals in the past year. A win in this final was understandably a need at this stage.

Despite Federer claiming the first set, Djokovic regained his momentum to win the next two but failed to capitalize on the match point he earned in the fourth set. His frustration caught up to him and allowed Federer to eventually take the fourth. As many had predicted, this final was going the distance.

Throughout the fifth, Djokovic drew Federer into longer rallies, served consistently, and constantly took the offensive. His reward: a break point at the end of the set, with which he sealed the victory.

The crowd immediately erupted as he looked up at his team, and raised his hands, relieved. “I don’t know how I managed to do it,” said the now 7-time grand slam champion.  He even went to call it one of the high-quality matches that he has played in his career. Djokovic dedicated the victory to his family, team, and soon-to-be-wife.

Despite disappointment for Federer, who has won the title 7 times previously, he silenced several critics who felt that he should retire. After a long battle, Federer not only showed his resilience but showed that even as a 32 year old, he still has the potential to win more.




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