Germany Prevails at the Maracana

Germany wins World Cup

Germany earned their fourth World Cup title after winning against Argentina 1-0 in extra time. Mario Gotze, who is now a hero for the Germans scored in the 113th minute with a perfect finish after Andre Schurrle swung in the cross from the left wing.

To the delight of the numerous viewers despite being goalless at full time, this game was entertaining unlike the 2010 final between Spain and the Netherlands which lacked any fluency. Until extra time, it was tough to tell who would end up lifting the trophy.

Argentina carried the momentum in the first half but despite several golden opportunities, they failed to capitalize on any of them. Gonzalo Higuain faced criticism for his inability to score in an one-on-one situation and mistiming his run for another play. Even Lionel Messi, who Argentina have consistently relied on for goals because of his timing and accuracy, missed out on a few occasions. Could the pressures and burdens of an entire nation caught up to him? Possibly.

Despite winning the Golden Ball, which is given to the Player of the Tournament, Messi stood glum, visibly disappointed with this result. Ironically, he stood next to Manuel Neuer, the German goalkeeper, who he had been unable to beat throughout the game. Neuer had also received an accolade being recognized as the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

The German team not only lifted the 18- karat gold trophy at the end of the night but also earned $35 million, the most any winning team has ever received. This first major trophy since 1996 for the Germans paves the way for this promising group of  players who look to win even more.


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