How Messi

messi messy

What a world cup. Seriously, this year was just full of upsets and surprises. Anybody remember the 7-1 rout of Brazil by Germany? How embarrassing.

But the final is the culmination, the apex, the consummation of the past few weeks of futbol. Argentina vs Germany, the ultimate battle, Messi vs Muller, two nations going head to head. Approximately 1 billion humans viewed this contest either live or by television, an unrivaled feat. Even a non-soccer fan like myself had no choice but to submit to the mainstream, and watch the game.

Personally, I rooted for Argentina because I liked Messi. My father also cheered for Argentina, and it was pretty obvious what with his screaming and yelling and cursing whenever a player screws up or “doesn’t pass”. Unfortunately, Messi’s long path finally comes to an end.

For those of you who didn’t pay attention, the final score was 1-0, Germany, the lone scorer being Mario Götze. Thank goodness the World Cup is over! I hope I’m not the only who wished it could end already!


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