Harvard- the internationally known college and university that literally everyone is looking to get into. This prestigious college accepts only around 2,000 students a year out of the estimated 34,000 students that apply. This year’s acceptance rate was an astonishing 5.9% and every one of those exceptional students is ecstatic to be accepted into such an amazing university. When getting accepted into a high-profile university such as this one, a student may be stressed with the issue of payment for the university’s services. Now, this is not the case. Harvard has begun to grant more people financial aid, in fact, more than 65% of students receive financial aid! For those of you who have been admitted, no need to worry because Harvard has you covered.

For those prospective students, look at your resume and think to yourself, have you done everything you could have possibly done in the last 4 years of high school? Do you have what it takes to enter the top college in the United States? Did you help your community and your school all while managing your social life and your family? Do you have what it takes to succeed with the intense amount of work and effort that is required when you enter Harvard? It is important to ask these questions to yourself before submitting your resume because the admissions directors will be sure to ask them.

If you still have a little time on your hands to improve your resume, consider joining a sport or a extracurricular class. Remember, Harvard is not only a place to learn, it is a place to build your connections and become the next leaders and top ranking officials of society. If you get involved in your community and do something other than read a book all day, you display qualities that a student with a 4.0 GPA and no extra curricular activities does not display.

Harvard is a competitive college to get into, but that is only because it is the most prestigious college in the United States of America. To those who have been admitted this year, they will have nothing to worry about except for how they will become the next leaders in America and the world. Those people made it far enough to be accepted into this college, now they need to apply their knowledge and experience into the real world and change the world for the better. For those who wish to be admitted, ask yourself the critical questions that the Harvard admissions directors will be asking and begin contemplating on what you have done in the last couple of years and see what you can do better. You must offer something that no one else has and grab life by the horns. If you take advantage of all the opportunities your community has to offer, then maybe you have what it takes to get into Harvard College and University. For all you know, the next opportunity may be right next to you.



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