Bite Out of the Apple

Doesn’t it seem like Apple has just been consistently falling ever since Steve Job’s demise? Once again, another scandal’s repercussions are about to commence.


A month ago, Apple was caught conspiring with publishers to raise e-book prices. The government accused Apple of working with the publishers to break free of the uniform $9.99 pricing that Amazon set. Now, the verdict has been set. At $400 million.

The settlement has been beneficial for consumers, however. Nobody wants to be cheated by having to pay more than they have to for e-books, right? Still, Apple is still trying to win the appeal, and if they succeed, they might pay nothing. I guess this is what big companies do when they’ve got no innovation left in the tank.

Whatever this may mean for Apple, it means much for consumers like us. Now publishers and Amazon have had their struggles. Can you believe that publishers can’t even feel safe doing just that, publishing? For us consumers, we better keep our heads up and our eyes peeled.


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