Google’s Project Zero

Google Project Zero Team Announced

Google plans to enhance its security features and team through a new effort, known as Project Zero. The objective is to find any  flaws with non-Google software since these bugs could ultimately affect usage of Google products. So, this project is really a way for Google to look out for your well-being and to ensure easy access for their users.

Google’s have found security bugs in non-Google products in the past as well, which has proved to be quite profitable, after the flaw was reported to the company.

One key member of the Project Zero team is George Hotz, who won the Google hacking contest in March. He also found a defect in Chrome OS more recently, which earned him a reward and a job at Google.  The other members of the team are also promising individuals, who have managed to find weaknesses in Apple’s Safari and iOS.

One of the major incentives to initiate this project was the discovery of the bug Heartbleed. Google began to spend more time searching for bugs and has now created a skilled research time to continue the work. The head of Project Zero, Chris Evans, explains it best, “Our objective is to significantly reduce the number of people harmed by targeted attacks.”


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