Tesla: What’s missing.


Tesla Model S.

We all know what it is. We all know the cost associated with it. But do we all know if it is worth it?

The Model S P85+ is available at around $127,000. This price may seem very large for a car buyer, but considering the gas savings, some might consider that it is fairly priced.

When it comes to features, what comes to mind when one thinks of a Tesla is the superior 17″ display that controls the entire car. There are no buttons. This ultimate 17″ display allows the user to tinker any setting of the car as well as surf the web using Tesla’s built in data plan.

Something that comes standard with many cars nowadays is the rearview camera. Pictured below is the BMW X6.



On the other hand, Tesla’s rearview camera is horrendous. Pictured below is Tesla’s rearview camera. This camera has no assistance to the driver. You never know what path your car goes on or whether you are about to hit something.

2013_tesla_models_det_lt_305131_600For the Tesla to be more competitive in today’s market, it needs to have an upgrade to the rearview camera software. Also, the Tesla needs Drivers Assistance Packages such as lane departure warning and collision warning. Additionally, the built in display needs access to more apps like Pandora or Spotify. Currently, only Pandora is available.

For $127k, we expect a lot more from Tesla.



2 thoughts on “Tesla: What’s missing.”

  1. Hey great addition but then I think your title is a bit misleading and maybe a slightly irrelevant. There are many reasons people can say the Tesla is worth the 127’000. You focused on the rear view camera. Perhaps reference that on the title?
    Commenting as a regular reader here nothing more.

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