Stop! Hammer Time!

For all the unfortunate folks who so desperately wanted to take their extravagant, peaceful vacation to Israel, you’re out of luck. The F.A.A., the Federal Aviation Administration, just recently halted all U.S. flights to Israel, after a rocket fell about a mile away from Ben-Gurion International Airport outside Tel Aviv.

Okay, but who the heck would want to go to Israel anyway?! Considering all the drama and action going on between Israel and Palestine, I would rate Israel somewhere between the DMV and Iowa as a vacation spot. All jokes aside, this incident is continuing to make John Kerry and the U.S. administration piss their pants. In fact, Kerry is currently visiting Israel to negotiate a cease-fire. Ironically, Hamas is the only organization who can create peace through a cease-fire. Israeli leaders claim that Hamas isn’t even trying to achieve anything or take anything from fighting Israel, but they are just terrorists who want to create destruction and trigger war.

A World War III seemed like a possibility throughout the past decade, with terrorism and the war in Afghanistan, but it’s all about to come to a head. Will Kerry succeed? What will happen if he doesn’t? Will the U.S. intervention piss off the Middle Eastern nations even more? And what the heck is Obama doing this whole time? Important questions!



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