Best Smartphone Ever?

Whenever we think of smartphones, what pops into our minds is something touchscreen on which we can play games on, browse the internet on, and also occasionally check our emails on. The image we think of is either an Apple iPhone or any Android Phone.

We have all forgotten what the point of a smartphone truly is. Smartphones are not meant for us to constantly check our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter on. They are meant to help us stay connected, not to disconnect us from life.

The Best Smartphone Ever is the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. This smartphone is meant for focused people who want to use a smartphone properly. The app market on BlackBerry is not the best- but that is the main reason it is one of the best smartphones. People should only be using a smartphone to get work done. Security is also a Number 1 Priority with BlackBerry. They are the leaders in security because that is their prime goal.

Modern smartphones fail to deliver that key aspect which we are all looking for.

For that reason, we should all head over online and purchase a new Blackberry smartphone.


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