Bang For Your Buck

A hacker infiltrated the European Central Bank, the very bank where the euro is centralized and administers the monetary policy of the entire Eurozone? Somehow I’m not surprised. The entire ordeal seemed to be a blackmail scheme. Regardless of intentions, the repercussions weren’t TOO drastic.

The information stolen was relatively harmless, like names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. But that is not a reason to just leave this incident as it is! Currently, the ones responsible haven’t been caught, but the situation is currently under control, as the bank members have discovered that the hacked database was not attached to any of its internal systems, therefore, the money and critical information is left untouched.

What was stolen was information about journalists and reporters, and now, the entire continent of Europe has to be wary. I feel serious remorse for the continent. Not only is it plagued with poverty, war, and famine, but now their monetary anchor is being capsized?! For a bank that prizes security and confidentiality, this must have been embarrassing.


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