Conflict In Ukraine Thwarts Investigators

Experts from primarily the Netherlands and Australia, tried to find their way to the crash site of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 but were halted by reports of heavy explosions and fighting taking place. This was the second day where the fighting caused the investigators to turn back.

The entire team planned on retrieving any remains from the site of the wreckage. This retreat took place because of an attempt by the Ukrainian government to regain control of the area from the rebels. The Malaysian government previously attempted to place police officers for security after striking a deal with the rebels. But after the fighting broke out, this was no longer an option.

As the conflict rages on, Russia’s role seems to still be unclear even though it was presumed that it was a Russian missile that brought MH-17 down. The pro-Russian rebels have denied the accusations and are determined to prove that Ukraine was solely responsible for the tragedy that took place.

However, the United States eager to prove their point released satellite images showing supplies of Russian missiles near the crash site and provided evidence that they had been used. The U.S. continues to gather images and proof to support their position while clearly stating that they can no longer trust what Russia has to say.

Russian companies and banks have been included in the U.S. sanctions while the European Union has decided to strengthen their sanctions as well. Although Europe is dependent on a considerable number of Russian imports they have chosen to go along with the plan despite the risk of hurting their economy even more.


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