New iPhone 6 Leak Reveals Much More

With shipments of the new iPhone 6 reported to begin later in September of this year, new leaks have revealed a much bigger screen than the iPhone 5s.  After comparing the logic boards of the two phones, there is a  longer board for the iPhone 6 which would further prove that the phone will be larger.


A source also mentioned that the phone could come with Near Field Communication Support (NFC), which would allow you to share content by tapping the back of the iPhone on another surface. The addition of  NFC however seems unlikely, since Apple has been claiming to add it for years now but has failed to do so.

Furthermore, Apple’s new major phone could possibly come with a new processor along with increased battery life, and several other additions to its performance. The camera of the iPhone 6 may also provide optical image stabilization which would make it easier to take photos or videos while you are moving.

When it comes to launching a larger smartphone, Apple has always been behind. However,  with a larger iPhone 6, consumer demand could take a considerable rise, since people would see Apple trying to catch up to its competitors. As the launch of the iPhone 6 looms ahead, there is a significant amount of positive sentiment for the phone. It is expected that this launch will be one of the most important for Apple, since it could possibly drive their success in the future.


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