Reconsider Contemporary Music

Contemporary sophisticated individuals simply dismiss any modern song as rubbish and garbage for the most part.  I, certainly, am one of those individuals; whenever, I hear a song from Lil Wayne, or Drake on the radio, I swiftly scorn at the absurdity of the lyrics.

Given that human nature tends to find patterns in order to establish an instinctual reaction to a certain event, individuals quickly dismiss any new song on a radio channel such as 100.3 as unsophisticated, and rather nonsensical. However, if an individual actually took a few minutes to truly understand what a few of those artists are trying to convey through their work, that scorn turns into awe.


Keep in mind, I said a few artists, and not all the artists. I had this subtle realization a few days ago, while I was listening to Kanye West’s album Graduation. I was enjoying his album mostly because the songs had a catchy tune to them, and were pleasant to hear. However, I searched one of his songs on Google, clicked on the Rap Genius link and attempted to comprehend one of his songs. The result was unbelievable.

Consider the first song in Kanye’s album “808’s and Heartbreak”, Say You Will. In this song he is talking about how his female partner, who recently broke off relations with him, contacts him out of the blue and makes him happy, however, it only turns out to be a fallacy. Then he conveys that she should only pursue him if she is serious about. Keep in mind his ex-fiance for six years, Alexis Phifer, had been seeing another man while they were dating. Furthermore, his mother Donda West passed away in 2007. Therefore, it was an extremely gloomy time for Kanye.

Now the most meaningful part of the song is when he states, “I wish this song would really come true, I admit I still fantasize about you”. In the most heartfelt, and emotional part of the song, Kanye is saying that he knows that there are no chances of going back with his ex, however, he still hopes for it and still imagines a life wit her.

In just a few lines, Kanye conveyed his deepest and most ambivalent thoughts. It is quite hard for me to evoke the feelings that one experiences through the song. However, once one has the context and an understanding of the song, the entire song turns into a masterpiece through which the artist reveals his most intimate feelings.



This power is what really blew and stunned me. How could I be so ignorant of such a deep message. Even in Kanye’s other songs, he reveals his feelings and life lessons, and some of they are truly profound.

So next time you are listening to a hip-hop song from an artist like Kanye, do not, by default, judge the artist by the genre of music he/she produces. Take a moment to truly understand what the artist is saying, and you may truly surprise yourself.

FYI- If you ever decide to do so, use Rap Genius, it’s an incredible tool.


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