Top Three Family cars to lookforward to this Fall

It’s come to that point again where many car companies are revamping their car designs for the 2015 model year. We have seen that these new models have not been so focused on revolutionary exteriors, but simple yet stylish ones that impress more on a truly refined interior. What are the top three family cars that have impressed us?

Honda Accord 2014 starting from $21,995

Plug in Hybrid Model shown

Although this is a 2014 model, the car has actually impressed many and it’s clearly very successful. Part of its success may be attributed to the various numbers of trims available, such as the stylish new Sport Sedan trim that offers family versatility for those of that still want some thrill. The Accord hybrid was advertised to get 50 mpg highway (possibly challenging the Prius’ 52 mpg) and the plug in hybrid was also introduced starting at almost $40,000 ($39,780 to be exact). The design on the exterior is definitely more stylish than the last model year but Honda seems to have managed just fine without making any drastic changes.

Subaru Legacy 2015 starting from $21,695

bfc5eb67fabe823f4118aa79d18cd5c4x 2015-Subaru-Legacy-1

I know what you are thinking. A Subaru? Usually we see a Nissan or a Hyundai here! But the fact of the matter is Subaru is a company that definitely lies low behind the family car companies like Honda and Toyota but also is famous for their extreme reliability and off road capability. The Legacy boasts the best fuel economy of any all-wheel drive car in the United States at 36/26 highway/city mpg. The exterior of the new model has been modeled more contemporarily and similar to body styles of mid-size sedans we see but it is still impressive. It has a sexy yet menacing look that gives you confidence that you can drive this on the worst snowy day or the best of the dirt back roads and still trust it to handle your family. The interior actually seems to be a lot more simply styled than the previous model year but manages to carry over a more sophisticated and controlled look.

Toyota Camry 2015 MSRP unavailable currently.

Although this model of the Camry has not been released yet (it will be in the fall), we have much to look forward to. Actually, this one is my favorite out of the three. Toyota obviously using many design characteristics from their beautiful new Avalon modeled this Camry with a complete makeover. Although the engine is all the same, the front of the car exudes aggressiveness and the huge grill makes me excited to drive it just looking at it. Probably the most significant part of this release is that the Camry will also have an option of a XSE model which is probably equivalent to the Accord Sport Sedan. Finally, it may not be the Camry Coupe that Toyota needs to compete with Honda’s Accord coupe but it’s something!

Camry XSE trim shown


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