Latest Victims of the Ebola Virus

Two Americans are the latest victims of this deadly virus and are going to be flown into a military base in the U.S. They will then be transported to Atlanta for treatment. This will mark the first time any type of treatment or exposure to the virus will take place inside the United States. Doctor Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, the victims,  will be treated by doctors from Emory University.

Emory University has several specialists who are prepared to deal with a situation such as this one. They practice several procedures throughout the year and assure the others that their staff is prepared. Brantly and Writebol were both exposed to Ebola at several hospitals in Liberia, the country of origin of Ebola. Because of the way the virus spreads the most likely to become infected are the medical specialists who are treating the victims.

The virus has already managed to kill 700 people and has spread to neighboring countries as well. The spread of Ebola originally started because of the contact with the bodily fluids of animals primarily in Africa . Close contact with people who are already sick can also lead to becoming infected.

A vaccine for the virus is in the process of being made but questions have been raised as to why professionals took so long to take the severity of the situation into account. Although several experimental vaccines were created, doctors are unsure of its effectiveness keeping in mind that some vaccines can prove to be unsafe.


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