Experimental Drug: The Ebola Answer We’ve Been Looking For?


If you been watching the news lately, you would know about the ebola outbreak in Africa. Ebola is a devastating disease. What’s so deadly about it is the rapid rate at which it progresses. Victims could experience mild flu symptoms in the beginning of the week and by the end, experience excruciating pain from the abdomen, extensive internal bleeding and external bleeding from any openings (eyes, ears, sweat glands, etc.), fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. As you can see, ebola isn’t your average winter cold.

Already this deadly virus has claimed hundreds upon hundreds of lives. Recently an American missionary worker fell sick to the virus on the 9th day in Liberia. Dr. Kent Brantly was afflicted with the virus along with Nancy Writebol.

Brantly was expected to die on thursday, but something changed. The two Americans were transported to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta after being evacuated to the US last week, a move that upset several people on social media sites. As all hope was lost, the two victims were administered an experimental drug.

If you’re not aware, there is no vaccine for ebola, nor a definite cure. The best organizations such as the W.H.O. can do is contain the virus, which is becoming increasingly difficult as the African locals hide victims and deny that the afflicted are even sick. Some have even gone as far to attack treatment centers claiming that they are spread the virus.

Within the hour of receiving the medication, Brantly’s and Writebol’s conditions improved significantly. ¬†Brantly now is on his feet – literally- where before he was calling his wife, telling her what he thought was his last goodbye.

Still, it’s premature to say that this medicine is the answer to ebola that we have been looking for. The drug is still considered highly experiment. Clinical trials with monkeys and rats had some success, but also some failure. Hopefully for these two Americans, and those suffering in pain and fear in Africa, a cure derives from this medication.



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