Reform for Africa!

It looks like Africa is going to get some much-needed help in the near future as President Obama is about to announce a $14 billion stimulus plan for the continent of Africa. While partnering up with top international corporations, the United States has agreed to give Africa $14 billion in corporate investments to create clean energy, construction, banking, and information technology projects in Africa. This will help create more opportunities both for corporations in the US and will help boost the amount of jobs and opportunities for the people of Africa. Obama is expected to announce this exciting venture on Tuesday as the US and Africa summit goes on in Washington. The summit is meant to showcase the interest that the US has to help out Africa and effectively increase opportunities in both areas.

What is the significance of this summit?

With more of the top companies entering the continent, it means that Africans and Americans will now have a boost in the amount of opportunities available. Americans will have 250,000 more jobs available due to the exports that we will provide to Africa and Africans will have more jobs working for the high-ranking companies who will set up locations in the continent. About 90 companies will be entering the deal including Citigroup, Chevron, Walmart, Ford, and GE. How can this investment go wrong? Due to the support of both Africa and the United States, prosperity is expected in the near future for Africa. Jobs like this will help solve crises in Africa and help bring stability to the continent. In this summit, heads of state will interact with chief executives of the top companies in America to display what companies are wishing to see from their investments.

This will truly be an investment that will pay off for the citizens of America and of Africa.



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