Spurs make history: No. Not the finals.

This last Tuesday, the San Antonio Spurs made an announcement that will make NBA history, and it has nothing to do with their championship in the finals last season.

SAN Antonio

The San Antonio Spurs announced that six-time WNBA All-Star Becky Hammon will join the team as an assistant coach for the 2014-2015 season. This actually marks the first time in NBA history that a team has signed a full time female assistant coach.

Of course, Hammon is a more than qualified candidate as a 16 year WNBA veteran who has been playing for the San Antonio Stars since 2007. And, she had already had experience working with the Spurs last season when she was recovering from a knee injury.

Becky Hammon of San Antonio Stars


There have been previous female assistant coaches, such as Lisa Boyer who helped out with the Cavs, and Natalie Nakase who helped out with the LA Clippers, but these two only helped out for a limited time and were never signed on as full time coaches.

I think the move is fantastic from numerous perspectives. It removes some of this pre conceived notion that female athletes even in the WNBA and automatically inferior to the NBA players because of their gender. Disagree that that is a present pre conceived notion? How else do you explain the drastic difference in the popularity between the two sports? In addition, it might set some of these young fly boy all stars in their place when they get told how to play from a woman. Albeit one that probably could easily beat their asses on a one-on-one!

Source: “For the Win: Spurs make History”

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