Facebook ‘Color Change’ App Resurfaces

This color change app has made its return and has infected thousands of users already at this point.  The app claims to let you change the color of your profile on the site but rather it takes you to a malicious phishing site. It has been found that there are problems in the Facebook app page itself that allow hackers to implant viruses .

It has been reported that there are two methods for the hackers to get the information they want from you. The first involves having the user watch a color change “tutorial video.” The other method involves downloading a separate application. However, if someone has watched the “tutorial video”, the best way to avoid further damage is to immediately change your password and remove the color change app.

Even though this scam has taken place in the past several times and was ended repeatedly, there seems to be no end. Facebook still hasn’t responded to how they plan on handling the situation if there really is a problem with their app page. All the details were provided by the Chinese Internet Company, Cheetah Mobile, who were the first ones to identify the situation as a phishing scam.


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