Next Gen Accord? Just not for us.

The other day I witnessed something i thought was truly peculiar. I saw what was a spitting image of the Acura TSX model, but with a Honda badge. At the time, I knew no such car model existed (at least in the United States). I also was very confused about why anyone would go ahead and put a Honda badge on an Acura. (For those of you who do not know, Acura is the Luxury version of Honda, just as Lexus is to Toyota, Audi to VW, Cadillac to GM, Lincoln to Ford, etc.)

Honda Spirior Current. (Acura TSX)

After doing some research these past couple of days, I came across another car just by chance. Forgive me interwebbers for not knowing this car but it isn’t sold in my country in my defense. The car is the Honda Spirior, Honda’s next generation Accord based on the TSX platform for the European and China markets.

Honda Spirior Concept

What I am here to discuss though, is the new Spirior concept that is heavily influenced by the new Acura TLX and has debuted in China.The new Concept set to start production later this year is currently exclusive to Dongfeng Honda manufacturing and is not set to debut anywhere else. I think it’s a nice looking Accord, and hopefully we will see it as the Acura TLX soon.


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