Barack Obama and Angela Merkel on Russia

For those individuals who are not familiar with Angela Merkel, she is the German Chancellor, and has interesting ties with Vladimir Putin.

Regardless, according to The White House, Merkel and Obama spoke through phone on Saturday. To be precise, Obama conversed with the German Chancellor from Air Force One, from where he departed to Martha’s Vineyard, an island in Massachusetts where the President will be spending his two-week summer vacation.

Merkle and Obama 2

During their call, the two leaders agreed that Russian intervention in the sovereign nation of Ukraine is unacceptable and subject to international law violations.

Furthermore, the two concurred on the fact that further Russian intervention will “provoke additional consequences”, even if Russia alleges to do so under a humanitarian agenda. To this end, the two leaders agreed to their commitment to urge Russia to negotiate a diplomatic solution in Ukraine.

After a slew of imposing sanctions from the European Union, and the United States of America, one can only wonder when Putin will consider and pursue a solution to the escalating situation in Ukraine.

Article by Viren Rupani


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