September 9th- Launch of the iPhone 6

The launch of the iPhone 6 on September 9th is probably one of the most important releases for Apple since 2007. When Apple originally launched the first iPhone it was groundbreaking and it managed to revolutionize the use of cell phones. But later on, Apple suffered from a lack of creativity which they showed an abundance of previously. This was evident even more when Samsung became Apple’s largest competitor.

One of the largest differences between the two is that whenever Samsung releases new versions of their smartphone they have made their display much larger whereas Apple has failed to do so. This time around, Apple is reportedly looking to release one version of the iPhone with a typical 4.7 inch display and another phablet type 5.5 inch display.

If Apple does increase their display size it can only have a positive impact since, they have managed to capture most of the market without releasing a larger display. In fact, a survey that was recently conducted showed that 35% of people would buy the iPhone 6 if Apple increased the display size.

Apple’s customers are remaining loyal to their products and there is nothing to prove that there will be anything different when the iPhone 6 becomes available to the public in October. Several analysts believe that the iPhone 6 will outsell all the previous models and its profits will be even greater than Apple has anticipated for itself. With so much prior speculation, September 9th truly is a date to look forward to.


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