Robin Williams: Latest Source of a Social Media Scam

A video circulating on social media states that it contains the last words of Robin Williams, who unfortunately took his life on Monday. This scam began nearly 48 hours after the news of his death was revealed to the world. In the past years, several celebrity deaths such as those of Paul Walker and Amy Winehouse, and even fake deaths such as that of Miley Cyrus have been used in order to convince users to click on harmful links.

Once a user clicks on the video, they are taken to a fake BBC website. Just like any other scam, you are required to perform several different tasks before you can watch the video. For example, the user may have to first share the video on Facebook, install a fake media plug-in, or even fill out a survey. With enough likes and comments, the scammers can turn the account into a profit  by using certain affiliate programs.

Not only are you letting scammers get these profits, but you’re also putting your computer at risk to malware. Social media users should definitely avoid news of any kind of sensational footage or videos since they are most likely fake. Use caution with friends as well because their account may be hacked and certain scammers would influence you to do something you normally would not. Lastly, try to remain as safe as possible on social media by avoiding links or websites that you may not be familiar with. And for now, beware of clicking on any goodbye videos of Robin Williams.


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