Are Your Smartphone Apps Really Safe?

Smartphones can put you at a much greater risk than you would actually think. Several computer scientists have discovered a way to hack into certain smartphone apps, including Gmail, across iOS, Android, and Windows. The hack into the Gmail app has been proven to have a 92% success rate. The computer scientists who discovered the vulnerability were from the University of California Riverside and instead of using this information to cause any damage they decided to present their findings to the world.

Once a certain user downloads a certain number of apps they are all running on the same platform, and therefore leave the phone vulnerable. This realization prompted these computer scientists to delve deeper into the security of specific smartphone apps. The scientists revealed that it would be easy to obtain sensitive information such as passwords. Eventually they could gain access to the rest of the users emails and gain control of the phone’s camera.

Although the success rate for the apps was varying the numbers were considerably high. With Gmail and H&R Block there was a 92% success rate while Newegg and WebMD were both around 85%. The Chase BANK and both had an 83% success rate. These revelations are shocking and all we can hope is that these apps are better secured in the future. But for now users have to be careful with these smartphone apps.


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