Max Verstappen, F1’s youngest driver, doesn’t even have a license.

Sixteen year old Max Verstappen is set to become Formula One’s youngest driver ever,and he doesn’t even have a license.

The teenager is actually the son of the Dutch Ex-F1 driver Jos Verstappen and is currently racing in Formula 3 circuits with the Van Amersfoort Racing team after having been established in go-Kart racing. The thing is, he is actually too young to even take his driver’s test on Dutch roads!

His partner will be Russian Fanii Kvyat as a part of the Red Bull feeder team and 24 year old Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne placed as surplus.

He will partner Russian Daniil Kvyat in the Red Bull feeder team with 24-year-old Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne deemed surplus to requirements. Verstappen, who won the go-Kart racing championship last year and has placed in the leader board in 8 out of the 27 races he raced as a part of the Formula 3 racing circuit. Turning 17 next month, he will beat the previous record holder for the youngest F1 driver, who was Spain’s Jaime Alguersuari by 2 years.


In response to the amazing opportunity, Verstappen said this, “Ever since I was seven years old, Formula One has been my career goal, so this opportunity is truly a dream come true.” He also stated that he believed his step from Go-Karting to F3 was a far larger step and hoped that his transition from Formula 3 to Formula 1 will be easier.

As for safety? He doesn’t seem worried at all: “I’m not that worried about it. The cars are really safe. I think it’s more dangerous to bike through a big city than race in an F1 car.”

Whatever the case is, this boy has racing in his blood and genetics. He is lucky to get this opportunity at such a young age, but clearly, he is an amazing driver to reach this far at such a young age, and he may enlighten us yet on the track.


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