Honestly, the banks today are rather cruddy at protecting their data.

Once again, it is reported that hackers have attacked. This time it was a number of US banks, including JPMorgan and four others. The hackers infiltrated the bank networks, stealing gigabytes of data, including savings and checkings account info. What’s certain, though, is that this was not the handiwork of one hacker, but rather, a entire sophisticated coordinated cyberattack.

Unfortunately, the intentions and origin of the attacks are still in the dark. However, the F.B.I. is currently investigating the situation, and in the past few weeks a number of security firms have been brought in to conduct forensic studies of the infiltrated computer networks. Right now it is not certain whether the intentions were for money, or for collecting intelligence.

Whatever the reason, America’s entire system might be hacked if something isn’t done about it!


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