Enterprise Organization Launches new website

Enterprise Organization is proud to welcome you all to its new official website, www.enterpriseorganziation.com. The website features information on our subsidiaries, international projects, information on our organization, and the individuals who run it.

Enterprise Organization's home page.
Enterprise Organization’s home page.

For those readers that currently are not aware, this newspaper itself is a subsidiary of this organization. Enterprise Organization was originally started last December by Viren Rupani, another author on this newspaper, with the goal of teaching high school students the diverse topic of business, and allowing them to employ this knowledge through our simulation at Enterprise Conventions. From there, it has grown to include a management team and a legal counsel. The management team now includes:

Viren Rupani – President

Khush Patel – Vice President of Finance

Tarun Masimukku – Vice President of Projects

Parshv Patel – Vice President of Internal Affairs

Eric Huang – Legal Counsel

Now, the organization has expanded to reaches it has never imagined it could. In addition to this internationally visited newspaper website, EOInternational.wordpress.com, Enterprise Organization also includes, Education of Tomorrow, a organization that offers free tuition to the entire public. The reason behind opening EDOT was that, as much as we promote equality and free public schools in today’s world, it is inherent that those students who have financial advantages tend to perform at a higher caliber than those who do not, due to the access to extra resources. Now this partner organization has exponentially grown to include many tutors and clients, and even international partners, Ex: Rotaract Club of Narsee Monjee College in Mumbai, India, and Magnanimous Print Foundation in Edison, NJ, USA.

The other subsidiary, EOInternational, has grown to be visited and recognized worldwide due to the wide variety of topics and news it covers with a factual base that may not be offered by other news websites. 

We hope, you as our valued viewers will explore the new website and our organization’s progress to success!

Thank you for the support, it would not have been possible without you. 


Enterprise Organization Management Team


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