The New Market of Wearable Technology

For decades, being able to answer calls from your watch has been just a dream; but, it looks like the dream has finally become a reality. The newest form of portable devices have been released, wearable technology. Though the market has had products like these for quite some time, consumers have just begun showing interest and sales are booming for the products.

In media, smart watches have been utilized to portray a futuristic world for decades.

Recently, Samsung released devices like the Samsung Gear which, as shown on their official website here, perfected a way to listen to music, answer calls, and read texts and emails right from your watch or wristband. Also, the Moto 360, a rival product, has featured a way to provide directions while biking or walking so that you don’t need to look at a phone like how you will look at a map, you could just glance on your watch and it will tell you what direction you need to walk in.

As wearable tech became more popular, products similar to the Samsung Gear and the Moto 360 were released by other companies like Garmin, Pebble, and Sony and it looks like designer companies are looking to do so too. In the last couple of days, Intel and Fossil revealed that they will be getting involved in the “wearable tech” industry and will be creating smart watches to compete in the market. This marks the first merger between portable technology and the fashion industry to create products like the smart watch. Though the product and the industry is extremely new and will have more features in the coming years, the wearable technology industry seems like it will be the Next Big Thing.

Wearable tech, however, is not limited to just watches. The new set of items includes glasses and wristbands and is bound to expand. The controversial Google Glass has been talked about for months now and, though it has quite a costly price tag, it’s only just the beginning. At the rate of expansion that the wearable tech products are on, we can expect our friends and family wearing smart watches and other forms of wearable tech anytime soon. Looks like the future that we envisioned 30 years ago, where people could make a call by simply tapping on their watch, has arrived.

Products like these will soon be commonplace in the rapidly advancing world we live in.

As the products advance, new styles and designs are being created. For example, the Moto 360 incorporates the classic design of a watch, instead of the ideal square shaped smart watches currently on the market. Others have used genuine leather and designed them in different ways, like the Pebble Steel which has a strikingly fashionable look and does the job well, too. These watches cost less than an average phone, from anywhere from $150 to $300, and are getting more popular as they are both relatively inexpensive and fashionable too. These watches and devices do most of the things your phone does and the market for wearable tech is just getting larger. Soon enough, everyone who has a phone will be wearing one of these and it will be just another household item, just like our cell phones. 



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