Game On

Whoever said that Obama’s administration lacks a strategy for combating ISIS in Syria should sit down and zip it. Finally, Obama has a plan, and he’s ready to go on offense for the first time. All of America better know about the ISIS crisis, and not just because of the be-headings of the journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. ISIS is now a real threat, not just some distant, foreign force that nibbles at our feet. They are currently public enemy #1, and something must be done.

So what is Obama’s actual plan? Well, he clearly stated that he wants to defeat ISIS, and he claims that he will authorize airstrikes on Syria. The Pentagon has already provided military options for him to do so. Also, the President is asking Title X authority to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS. Of course, this mission will not merely incorporate a small group of soldiers, it will involve an international coalition. Obama wants to expand the humanitarian campaign to protect the Iraqis and Syrians who are being pushed around my ISIS.

It looks like America is going to war, and not surprisingly. With the President’s foreign policy being driven by the mantra – “Don’t do stupid stuff”, certainly this war will be one to remember.


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