The Freedom of Internet

It might be as important as the freedom of speech. In fact, many of us reap the benefits of net neutrality more often than we benefit from any amendment. At first glance, the phrase ‘net neutrality’ seems quite boring and lifeless, but it may as well be one of the most important freedoms of the century.

Net Neutrality is the principle that all websites, from Netflix to EOInternational, receive the same connection speeds. We currently enjoy net neutrality – it’s the reason you’re able to read this post. However, where there is a right, there are companies powerful enough to take it away. In this case, they’re Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).

Let’s face it – As consumers, ISP’s can be cantankerous and frustrating, to say the least.  Have you ever wondered why they don’t even bother, though, to appeal to their customers? There are countless stories of their ignorance and disrespect, but how do they get away with it every single time? To find the answer, why don’t you ask yourself – how many cable companies are available to you?

Chances are, you answered ‘one’, which goes to show that ISP’s are effectively monopolies in their areas of service. That’s right. They divide up areas of the nation to eliminate any and all overlap, leaving you to only one “choice”.

Keep in mind, we aren’t the only ones thoroughly irked by ISP’s. For example, Netflix’s speeds had been declining sharply since last October, until they signed a deal with Comcast to pay for faster speeds to their customers. Although Comcast has promised never to slow down specific websites’ speeds, from this graph, it’s easy to tell when it had the brilliant idea of shaking down Netflix for more money, and when Netflix acquiesced.

Net neutrality

Even the superpowers of the internet realize that repealing net neutrality would be a terrible decision, so companies including Google, Yahoo, and Netflix have signed onto an agreement protecting net neutrality, but unfortunately, it might not matter.

The U.S. government appointed the head of lobbying for ISP’s to the head of the FCC, which is the body that creates laws concerning the internet. That’s analogous to putting the cookie monster in charge of Oreos!

So what do we do now? The only thing we can do as Americans: take charge of our rights! Voice your opinion to the FCC by clicking on this link: Tell the government how important the crucial the internet is to you, because if you don’t, the vast world of information, videos, and music we call the web may crumble to pieces.


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