The Soviet Union Returns?

Ukraine’s Prime Minister made a statement today claiming that Russia is aiming to eliminate Ukraine, and restore the Soviet Union. Many speculated this, but this is the first official statement from either side actually mentioning it. Is Russia trying to bring back the Soviet Union? Earlier this year, Russia did invade Ukraine. At first, Ukraine fell into turmoil after the public felt its President was selling the country to Russia, which resulted into mass riots, and the formation of a new government. Then, Russian soldiers invaded Crimea and President Vladmir Putin denied having ties to those that invaded and claimed that those  involved could have simply bought Russian military uniforms from a store. This was clearly a terrible attempt not taking responsibility, and with this international tension rose, leading many countries including the United States to put sanctions on Russia. Eventually Putin did claim responsibility, but justified his actions by saying Crimea is practically Russia, as that region’s population contains people who speak Russian and are of Russian descent. He then said he will pull back troops from the Russian border, but since then it has been going back and forth. Russia has been trying to annex Crimea, and uses the same reasons to justify it, such as a 3 billion dollar loan, and the ethnicity of its people, but its negotiations with the west have been failures. The conflict still continues.

So the question emerges, is Russia trying bring back the Soviet Union? This action would imply so. More evidence comes from Andrei Illarionov, President Putin’s former top economic adviser, who stated that Russian soldiers have orders to kill one another and blame it on Ukrainians to show the extremism of Ukrainian nationalists. He also mentioned how this would change the balance of power between the European Union and Russia, and how this will restore the Soviet Union. There have been statements from other previous Russian officials which back up this statement as well. We can only wait and see for now.


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