The Ugly Truth

Foundation. Lipstick. Smile. Stand straight. Be pretty. Be only pretty. The mindset fixed into toddlers from the start. The beauty industry’s ugly side is seldom seen by the public, too often written off as simply a part of the script. Child beauty pageants are bound to have negative effects on both participants and viewers, leading females to be derogatorily objectified and condition them to be helplessly in vain.

Due to the fact that from an early age, young girls are taught that their appearance is of immense value, their own perception of both the world and themselves is defected. Little girls are led to believe that attaining physical beauty is what comprises the essence of a woman, further illusioned by what the media interprets as a “perfect body” demoralizing girls that don’t live up to the standards society holds.

Along with creating false expectations and faulty images, beauty pageants sexualize little children in multiple ways. Dressed in provocative outfits and performing acts to enhance their appeal, girls are losing self-worth. Sheer attire to entice the audience at such a young age creates an unhealthy habit likely to follow them off the show. These “princesses” immerse themselves in a culturally unethical environment where they compete with each other to attract everyone, vying for attention.

Rather than raising intellectual, independent women, society has molded females to deem education as trivial. This seeds from a young age of being subjected to intense physical scrutiny and criticism from being on a beauty pageant show and sprouts into ignorance.  Because intelligence is not a viable factor in children’s beauty pageants, girls are beginning to lack interest in schooling and focusing solely on fashion. Under the impression that beauty surpasses brains, pageant girls are destroying their career choices and dooming themselves to a barren life filled only with hardships.

By limiting girls to a life of pretense and falseness, society is provoking a desire to display perfection. By continually concealing flaws and hiding behind a curtain of impeccability, young girls are too ashamed to show their true selves. Desperately seeking obscurity through makeup and facades, those partaking in beauty pageants have low self esteem. The concept of natural beauty is lost upon this generation, making others evermore fearful of the harsh realities of their bodies.

Child beauty pageants, albeit designed for amusement have altered their route and are now having damaging effects. Setting unrealistic standards for young girls and sexualizing them can guide them into a world of attention seeking which can magnify over time. Because literal beauty is depicted as a quality of utmost vitality, brainpower isn’t even a factor considered by most contestants. Promoted to hide behind their voluminous hair or caked makeup, they are too afraid to show their reality or any flaw. Child beauty pageants are essentially one of the main roots of the current issues of our generation and are doubtlessly harming society and its children.


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