China’s Optimism And Alibaba’s Success

After analyzing the responses of citizens to the economic conditions of their nation in 2013 and 2014 several trends have been noted. Most people were not satisfied with the economy in the nation and claimed that economic conditions were worsening. Several nations have expressed their views as to whether or not their economy can continue to succeed or in some cases, recover from a disaster.

Those who were highly negative about the economy include the Greeks, Spanish, and the Italians. Nearly 93% of those people were pessimistic about their nation’s economy. Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina have shown a great decline in positive views compared to recent years when most individuals were optimistic.

The United Kingdom and most people from Africa and Asia also hold positive views. The United States is evenly divided in its views. Democrats anticipate improvement while Republicans are not so sure about the future. Nations with advanced economies have been less optimistic than those with developing ones.

China proved to be the most optimistic with nearly 80% agreeing. China’s remarkable expansion and hard work is reflected through their positive responses. A more recent sign of this is Alibaba, China’s largest e-commerce company, who’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) speaks for itself. It’s first trade was at $92.70 and ended at $93.89 giving the company a market value of $231 billion on the first day. This immediate success makes it easier for Alibaba to take part in any product launches and expand to overseas markets.

In fact, the Executive Chairman, Jack Ma, started this company in his apartment 15 years ago. Previously, Jack Ma was an English teacher and today he is one China’s wealthiest billionaires. The market value of Alibaba has transcended that of Facebook and Amazon. Despite, Ma claiming that Alibaba wants to focus on China at the moment there is no doubt that greater overseas expansion will be on his mind.


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