Internet Personalities and Pedestals

Fame defines power and power too often equates to abuse. Countless internet personalities have been placed upon a pedestal in today’s generation, and we tend to hold eCelebs at a high esteem, idolizing their every move. Admiration turns to obsession which leads to an unhealthy infatuation. Rooting from this obsession, most celebrities, aware of their immense power over their naive fans, manipulate them for personal gain.

We rarely tend to realize it, but the majority of our life is influenced by the actions of celebrities. Unknowingly, every aspect of our lives is exploited by these “influential” figures. Whether it be the video games we buy dictated by game plays conducted by Pewdiepie, or the new chic- retro styles inspired by Bethany Mota, we’re constantly driven into schemes that have us enraptured in the lives of everyone but ourselves.

Employing their fame, celebrities often have their actions overlooked,  their misdoings in fact bolstering their fame and reputation. Whether it be concocting a plan to gain notoriety by taking part in vulgar videos or victimizing their own fans for attention, the concept of limits is far beyond them. After all, fame has created these monstrosities – hiding behind a facade of charities, using their money and global popularity as a layer of protection. The sense of superiority that comes alongside being famous leads to the sponsorship, eventually cultivating into a widespread epidemic amongst desperate fans, vying to emulate them.

However, internet sensations seem to be categorized differently. As vloggers and bloggers use increasingly interactive ways of rising to stardom, they attempt to seek a way to relate to the common teenager. Portraying themselves in their ordinary lives through Youtube and Instagram, its easy to believe that they’re just like us, and incapable of taking advantage of anyone. On your daily dosage of Youtube videos and Facebook feeds, you witness these stars attain more and more followers by the second, another “Directioner”, “Belieber”, or “Mota-vator” that’s been added to the list of the millions of glorifying fans. A name that wouldn’t have brought up any results when googled a few years ago now displays thousands of fan pages and merchandise- and yet the world loves them because they’re “normal people”, compelling teenagers to follow, like, retweet, and share.

Not to fall under their illusion, it is important to keep in mind that they are not without their flaws. Constantly advertising without the knowledge of their viewers, they aim to appeal to the subconscious mind. Paid to wear or comment on certain products in a video or blog entry, they use us to make money. By promoting items to sell to their unaware fans, they market themselves, self benefit driving them to misuse their fans.

It’s ordinary to be intrigued, but only until that interest turns into obsessive fascination. Fans go to the extent of deifying and building shrines for their favorite celebrities, worshipping their every move. Demanding the precise clothing, makeup and accessories their favorite vlogger has, they strive to follow suit. It is imperative to remember to exercise caution and avoid placing these personalities at such a high stature. Most internet celebrities are capable of hiding behind the screen, only sharing with the world what they would like to. This enables them to appear perfect, making it harder to believe that they would take advantage of their fans. Being aware and understanding that what the screen displays is not necessarily real, and every aspect of it is dictated by the author of the post leads to the understanding of the fact that most, if not all, internet celebrities have exploited their fans.


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