Another Setback for Apple?

There have been complaints that Apple’s new iPhone 6 bends easily in people’s pockets. Apple claims that only 9 customers have complained about such an incident. They assure the public that the phones have passed all the required tests to check the strength and durability of the phone. One of the tests was the “sit test” where a person had to sit with the phone in their back pocket. Several tests like these were conducted in different positions. Over the past week, there have been several videos circulating in which people are bending their iPhone 6. Despite several videos confirming this, orders for the iPhone have continued to fly in. Any new orders will take a month to arrive.

Apple managed to sell 10 million units of the new iPhone in its first weekend despite shortages.Even Apple’s new software update proved to be disappointing because they were forced to pull it out after there were complaints that people weren’t able to make calls. Apple later apologized and released a new update to fix all the issues and the bugs. In the past, Apple has refused to give in to any complaints. When the iPhone 4 released, there were complaints about the antenna design but Steve Jobs claimed that the situation was being exaggerated.

This constant obsessions with a new iPhone is nothing new but it is surprising that despite these complaints customers are still desperate waiting to get their hands on the new product. The new cycle of tests that all the iPhones go through should be enough to prevent any further cases. Despite a few shortcomings the new iPhone is sure to be appealing to most customers who have always wanted one with a bigger screen.


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