Gay Marriage

Recently, the Supreme Court passed up its opportunity to re-enter in a debate about gay marriage. As one of the most democratic countries in the world, it concerns me that the United States is not taking any actions to find a compromise to this interminable controversy. There are many homophobic people within society who feel the need to make fun of people’s sexuality or judge them by it. In my opinion, all men are equal and should be granted equal representation. Society has a set image on what is “right,” however how do you know if the set image is really correct? Is a perfect person someone who is “skinny”? Or possibly someone who is “pretty”? Unfortunately, people nowadays critique who other people like, judge them by their choice, and make fun of them to in turn make themselves feel superior. In fact, all people are 99.9% the same, but how come we can’t respect the 0.1% of difference that brings out the individuality in people?

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Today, 30% of all completed suicides are due to inferiority in sexuality. Sadly, this means people are doubting themselves not because of what they think about themselves, but because of what others think about them. We shouldn’t be taking this much time, or going through this much argument just to steal someone’s source of happiness.

As of today, there are only 19 states out of  the 50 states that have legalized same sex marriage. Hopefully, we don’t expect marriages to be all about the black tux and the white wedding gowns, but more about giving to the person we love. Living in a country bound by the principles of freedom, the U.S shouldn’t be the last place where people, just like us, can’t express themselves.

Why not accept people the way they are?

Celebrities who have “come out of the closet” and admitted their homosexuality include:

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Ellen DeGeneres- A Gay Rights Advocate

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Tyler Oakley- Advocate and awareness builder of gay rights.


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