JP Morgan Chase Hacked: Raises Security Concerns

JP Morgan Chase has revealed that they faced a major security breach resulting in the dissemination of the information of nearly 76 million households. However, the hackers have not gotten any account numbers or user IDs. JP Morgan also claims that no suspicious fraudulent activities have taken place since the incident.

They suggested that users change their passwords if they have reused it across Chase services. Surprisingly, on their website the company claims that there is no need for people to change their passwords. The company is not offering credit monitoring either because no financial information has been given away.

It still remains a mystery as to how their system was hacked into. It has been speculated that there was a compromised app being used by the company which led to the incident. Even though only personal information was obtained by the hackers, experts say that it doesn’t mean that everyone is clear of a threat or any kind of danger. Through information such as phone numbers and email addresses people could be called and messaged in order to get more information from them.

Another concern of this incident is the possibility of identity theft taking place. In a situation such as that, this security breach could prove to be more consequential than someone’s credit card being stolen. It could take anywhere from days to years to clean up the mess. The toughest part of it all is to first realize that you are a victim. At this point, the future of the all the current account holders remains to be seen.


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