Doctor in the House

And just when you thought that Google couldn’t have come up with a more breath-taking and fabulous innovation that can simply bejewel us…

Today, Google searches are ridden with questions like “Why is my poop green?” or “Why are there sores on my lips?” and what not. What’s really funny is that these people would rather reveal their funny body business on the Internet rather than ask a doctor! However, the magnitude of inquiry does not necessarily mean that sick visitors of Google are in the right hands. The Internet is full of folly, and that’s an understatement. One could be searching up symptoms of a cold, and come out thinking that he/she is dying. But finally Google came up with a solution.

Google’s new “Helpouts” product is a service where people can search for experts and communicate with them real-time over video. This means that anyone with a sickness that they need real, legitimate, and credible solutions for can those solutions! Of course, there are many ways this could go haywire, but it’s a given that Google is not familiar with letting people down. To Google, the market of health care is critical, and that’s a plus for everyone who uses Google.

Who knows how this “Helpouts” product will turn out? Personally, I’m hoping it succeeds, because honestly, I’m rather revolted by the nasty sicknesses that people search about. (Why would someone’s poop be green?!?)


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