An interview from Taiwan coming soon…

Over the summer, Eric Huang went overseas to conduct an interview with the President of the Taiwan Soda Aromatic Co, Ltd, David Lin. He explored Mr. Lin’s perception of the economy overseas in Taiwan and acquired some insight from Mr. Lin into the attainment of success in today’s global economy. The furnished video has been published privately on Eric’s Youtube channel, but Enterprise publication will be very soon.


今年暑假,Eric Huang 到海外和臺灣曾田香料有限公司的董事長林志賢先生做一個短採訪。Eric Huang 採訪了林先生對臺灣的經濟的看法和林先生所對如何在現在的國際貿易成功。在現在的國際經濟裏,只有知己知彼才能百戰百勝。採訪影片已經在Eric的YouTube頻道私下發表,但我們期待Enterprise 的出版.

Eric Huang and Mr. David Lin of Taiwan Soda Aromatics Co, Ltd in one of its major branches in Taipei, Taiwan on August 4, 2014.


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