Banning Flight: The Worst Way To Fight Ebola

With the recent epidemic of Ebola storming nations and causing panic, many have been looking for different solutions to end the problem. While there is no cure in sight, there has been one popular solution that been proposed over and over again: flight bans. Various politicians in the United States of America and other nations have been requesting their governments to ban travel from Liberia as a way from preventing the disease from spreading. There have been cases of Ebola in the United States and Spain, and this has many worried. While flight bans may look extremely appealing on paper, in reality the consequences could be chaotic.

The reason banning flights from Liberia will be detrimental to society is that will cause a sense of despair for the Liberian people. As of now, the Liberian people are staying in their country and are waiting for aid;they also think they have a way out if things go south. But if you take all of this away, the problem will spread faster than ever. By eliminating flight as a means of transportation from the country, the inhabitants will look for alternative routes outside of it. This includes illegally crossing borders. Right now, if someone is to be diagnosed with Ebola, we can simply look at his or her records to see where her or she came from, and where he or she traveled, but with illegal immigrants to different countries trying to find a way to escape, there is no way to tell how many people he or she came into contact with, thus making the situation more out control than it already is.

It is crucial that all solutions are analyzed and all of the pros and cons are taken into account. Please do not take solutions for their face value and truly weigh them to see exactly how much good they can do for the problem at hand. If the White House had banned flight from Liberia this past week, surely a major crisis would have followed, possibly one worse than the current one we are facing.


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