He for She Campaign

Since the early 1900s, women have been fighting for their rights. These freedom fighters never tried to achieve more rights than men, instead they just tried to be on equal grounds with them. Throughout the 1900s the American women have attained many significant rights like suffrage, and they also have been working on the impossible, equal wages. Around the world however it is very different. There are women out there who are bound by the net of men, being forced to stay home, marry as young as 16, and serve their husband. The He for She campaign led by Emma Watson has now become a voice for those millions of women around the world.  In her speech to the UN women, she uses the word feminism and calls herself a feminist. The word feminism, in my opinion is misinterpreted. Like the speech by Watson read, the word is often defined as man hating. In my opinion feminism is when you believe that “running like a girl” is not, and shouldn’t be used as a negative phrase. It’s when you know that women and men aren’t equal when somebody uses the words “ you hit like a girl…” Since when have people started using these words as insults?  These words not only affect women whose gender it’s insulting, but also men who these words are being used at. A major cause of death in the UK and many large, developed countries is suicide. As a part of the 21st century I know that there are so many ways to get help whether you are in depression or you just need someone to talk to. There are, however some perceptions that getting help or talking about your feelings or even being sensitive is “girly.” If that is the way we handle a situation we know a man and a woman aren’t equal. This not only happens in small counties, but also nations as big as the United States. Luckily, the United States has more rights for women than in other countries where females are abused mentally, and physically without respect.

Many campaigns target only certain groups of people to be involved. The He for She is something that everyone can be involved in. Women would be fighting for their rights and men would be fighting for something they know their female counterparts deserve.

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