How can YOU prevent Burglary?

One every fifteen seconds. One burglary every fifteen seconds. Shocking isn’t it? Unfortunately, one struck our own quiet town of Edison as the family of Rajesh Singh was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday night. This is only one of four break-ins in just under two weeks in Middlesex County alone.  Many now wonder how they could prevent these situations completely. There are many steps to take to protect YOU and YOUR family from situations like this.

Use Common Sense

The simplest solution to preventing robberies is to just use common sense! Here are a few things to always remember:

  • Always lock your doors and windows when you go out.
  • Do not have any money, jewelry, or any other valuables lying out in view from a window. If possible, keep jewelry, other small valuables and important documents in a safe deposit box at your local bank. Thieves who may pass your home will attempt a “smash and grab” to steal your precious valuables.
  • Don’t tell strangers about your daily routines, and avoid telling others about the valuables you have in your home. Yes you may like to boast, however, some will seize any opportunity they get to pry your valuables way from you.
  • Be cautious about posting your vacation plans and updates on social media websites—even though you trust your friends, you never know who might discover you are not home.
  • If you have kids, discuss home security with them, such as not talking with strangers about anything in their home. Encourage them not to open the door to ANYONE if they are by themselves. They know you have a key, therefore you do not need them to open the door for you.

Make it Tough for Them to Get In

Make it inconvenient for the thieves, if they are forced to take time breaking in, most will just give up and go away. You can make it hard for them by:

  • Consulting a locksmith to confirm you have the right types of locks on your doors and windows and that they’re all functioning properly. Don’t make  any assumptions. It is always possible that previously installed lock may have been put in improperly, or that your locks are broken and need replacing.
  • Securing your exterior doors and any doors from attached garages by installing quality deadbolt door locks, doorjamb reinforcement, security-type door strikes, and strong, properly installed doors and door frames that cannot be spread apart.
  • Securing your windows by installing additional locks and installing Plexiglas on any window within 42″ of a door lock. This will make it difficult  for the robber to break the glass, reach in, and then unlock the lock.
  • Cutting off branches of trees near your house because they may help a burglar break in from a second story window.
  • Securing your patio/back entrance door with a pin-type lock, a key lock, or a steel rod inserted into the door channel.

You are not invincible. Remember break-ins can happen to anyone at anytime.Protect yourself from these events by using these tips and by reading more online. The more you educate yourself the better protected you will be.



One thought on “How can YOU prevent Burglary?”

  1. It’s true that burglars will try and succeed in breaking in your home,because he/she does plan things well before attempting a burglary. It’s not that I am advocating burglary, but all the latest technologies and safety measures to secure your home can only keep off the thief long enough to report any suspicious activity and police to show up ASAP.

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