YouTube Gives a Voice

Many people say that the world is a beautiful place with beautiful people. The cliche statements, everyone is perfect in their own way, nobody’s perfect, and everyone has flaws are just fluff. Do people really act like they realize everyone’s flaws? According to statistics, 77% of students have been a victim to bullying, so obviously people don’t realize that everyone is different and everyone has insecurities. Being part of the internet era, I have realized that you can go online to find answers to any questions you may have. Many of these questions happen to be about one’s insecurities or their questions on how to be happier and get more friends. A lot of people do have suggestions on such topics, but they can’t give the right motivation that a victim needs. They can’t give solutions about what to do next and help them personally. They can’t connect…

As a big fan of YouTube and it’s Youtubers, I have been able to learn a lot about many of their individual lives. Being a famous Youtuber and earning money through making videos seems like the stupidest and easiest job to some people. In my opinion, the real story about a Youtuber’s job comes from their individual past. They aren’t all celebrities and none of them started with the intention of becoming famous and making a job out of it, but things did change and only for the better.

The reason many of the Youtubers started standing and talking to their camera is because during the first years of their channel they didn’t have anyone to talk to. So many of them seem so rich right now, but it all started during the time when they had nothing. One Youtuber, who is adored by many, Superwoman (aka Lilly Singh), started YouTube only after her year of depression at 21. In her draw my life, she talks about how she had come to the point in her life when she didn’t want to live anymore. Only her motivation after the final straw picked her up just enough to give her the idea of making videos. It gave her a voice, brought her away from her past, and gave her a new start. Many similarities are also apparent in YouTube’s highest paid celebrity, PewDiePie. This gamer makes more than $4 million per year! He started, however, by just being a victim of bullies calling him short. Many Youtubers who began using YouTube because of their problems with bullying include, Bethany Mota, Connor Franta, and even Rebecca Black. One thing that YouTube doesn’t receive much credit for is for giving so many people the voice they need which they haven’t been getting in real life. Today, they are all popular because they came out of their shell and were true to themselves online. If you haven’t noticed, you may be bullied in a certain area or school because there are many things that are taken in account, like popularity. When making YouTube videos, you are being yourself, putting yourself out there, and having the whole world relate to you in the most positive way possible.

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YouTube does give many people the voice they need, and it helps many people around the world express their feelings, get out of depression, and start newly. If the whole world is watching and thousands of people can relate to you and care about you, one eensy little bully won’t affect you anymore.


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